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Terarossa Lodge Friesian Horses

& Golden Retrievers 

Kroon mare Fraujke T.

After many months of looking for the right mare to join us at TLF we were lucky to be offered the amazing Fraukje T. She was named kroon at only 3 years old in 2012 and is sired by the legendary Dries 421 out of a Leffert 306 mare. She stands over 17hhs tall so will throw height to Australia's gene pool. She scored an amazing 81.5 in her IBOP test and was ranked equal 4th in the KFPS 2014 mare listing. She has just given us a beautiful filly sired by Alwin 469 that will be retained by the stud.

Kroon mare Antsje RS fan Top en Twel

TLF was very lucky to purchase kroon mare Antsje at auction in the US in Dec 2013. Antsje has just turned 11yrs old and stands 166cm tall. She is sired by the newly preferent stallion Beart 411 out of a Nykle 309 mare. She is of stam line 143 and her mother line is Ster, Ster + Pref 11, Ster + Pref 5, Model + Pref 4. She was made a kroon mare at the very early age of 4 yrs old and scored a 9 for her trot. She was listed in the Top 3 ranking mares in the world in 2013 by the KFPS. She arrived in Australia in November 2014 and since then has begun her show career with huge success.