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Terarossa Lodge Friesian Horses

& Golden Retrievers 

Show Season 2014

As the 2014 show season draws to a close TLF has once again dominated the scene. Braggo has finished this season unbeaten in the show ring both in hand and ridden in two seasons. In the last few months he has won Champion Led and Ridden Friesian and often Champion Open Stallion at the following shows, Geelong Royal, Warrnambool Show, Port Fairy Show and Ballarat Show.

Not to be left out Bellize our young newly started under saddle mare returned to the show ring this season after having her first foal last year. She also dominated the mare classes and was always Reserve Champion Led and Reserve Champion ridden at all but one show. It has just been confirmed that this combination are expecting their first foal next season.

Dressage Season 2014

Braggo S has had an amazing first season in EA dressage. He has come either 1st or 2nd place in his dressage tests at Werribee Park, Elko Park and Jurvaon Park. He has been named Novice Champion at every one of those venues in the last 6 months. In September, he was named Novice Champion at the the Victorian Dressage Club Championships with scores ranging from 66.451% to 71.245%. Braggo will now compete at Elementary level at his next comptetion at Western District Dressage Club at Ballarat in October. We look forward to exciting things to come from this amazing stallion.

Terarossa Lodge wins the Australian Hi point for the 3rd year in a row

It has just been announced that both Braggo S. and Frelle have won the Hi point award for 2013.

Braggo has won both the Shown Stallion in Hand and Shown Stallion under Saddle. Frelle has won the hi point for Shown Mare under Saddle and also her Roll of Merit award for Shown in Hand.

Braggo and Frelle now join previous Hi point winners of TLF, Werby and Bellize who won in 2011 and 2012.

Show season 2013

well for Terarossa Lodge. Our mare Frelle not only won Champion Any other Breed at Camperdown Show but also Supreme Breed Exhibit of the show. She then went on to win Reserve Champion Led Friesian and Champion Ridden Friesian at the Geelong Royal Show.

At the Warrnambool Show our new Stallion Braggo had his first outing and won Champion Led Friesian which we were over the moon with. Braggo continued his winning streak at Port Fairy show where he won Champion Open Led Stallion and Champion Led Friesian. Frelle won Champion Open Led Mare and Reserve Champion Led Friesian.

At Ballarat Show Braggo once again won Champion Led Friesian and Ridden Friesian with Frelle winning Reserve Champion.

Our highlight for the season came at the Melbourne Summer Royal in Jan 2014. Braggo won Champion Led Friesian, Champion Ridden Friesian Exhibit and Supreme Friesian Exhibit in the largest field in the Royal's recent history. This has made it the third time in four years that Terarossa Lodge has won Supreme Friesian Exhibit with three different horses. We were not able to compete in 2013 due to horse illness.

Show season 2012

In 2012 Werby and Bellize have had a wonderful show season. Werby started off in style at the AFWHS Friesian Gala show where nearly 40 friesians both pure and partbred competed. Werby stole the show winning Champion Led Purebred, Champion Ridden Purebred and ending the day by being named the Supreme Friesian Exhibit for the day. Our next show was Camperdown Ag Show and this time Bellize won Champion Led Any other Breed. At Geelong Royal, Werby was recovering from an injury but still managed to get 2nd Place in the Purebred Male class in the biggest field of purebred in the shows history. Bellize also came 2nd in her Purebred Female class. By Warrnambool Show, Werby was back to his old self and again won Champion Led Purebred Friesian and Champion Ridden Purebred Friesian, once again in the largest ever field at that show. We still have one show to go but we are extremely happy with our horses performance this season.

Terarossa Lodge wins back to back Melbourne Royals.

Once again Terarossa Lodge has had great success at the Melbourne Summer Royal held in Jan 2012. Bellize our three year old filly sired by Denni won Champion Led Purebred Friesian and then went on to win Supreme Friesian Exhibit of the show. This is the second year in a row that we have won this honour and with two different horses. A first for any stud in Australia.

Bellize was not the only horse from our stud to win at the 2012 Royal. Werby our imported stallion won Reserve Champion Ridden Friesian Exhibit and Terarossa Alchemist, owned by Kellie Mitchell, won Reserve Champion Led Partbred Friesian at only 14 months old, in a large field of mature horses.

 Werby winning Reserve Champion Friesian Exhibit at the Melbourne Summer Royal

Terarossa Alchemist winning Reserve Champion Led Partbred Friesian at the Summer Royal

Frelle wins at the Melbourne Royal 2011

Our 2011 show season finished in style with our mare Frelle winning big time at the Royal. Frelle won her led mare class then went on to win Champion Led Friesian. She then went up against the partbred champion to win Supreme Friesian Exhibit, her competition won the title last year. This win qualified her for the Best of Breeds Championship. Frelle did a wonderful workout and got named in the Top 4 horses in the show. A first for a friesian in Australia. So proud of our girl.

Show Season 2010.

Started off the 2010 show season on the 14th October with the Geelong Royal.

Took both Werby and Frelle for their first ever show. They did not disappiont us. Both Frelle and Werby won their respective classes in the purebred led division. They then went up against each other for Champion Led Friesian, Werby was very happy cuddling the crowd that had come to watch and didn't want to leave them, consequently he was very lazy and didn't trot out the way we know he can. Frelle on the otherhand didn't like them packing up the showjumps right next to her. When it was her turn she showed the beautiful flowing movement that she is known for. Consequently Frelle won Champion and Werby got Reserve Champion. Frelle was then up for Supreme Friesian Exhibit, where the Champions go against each other. Once again she did a wonderful workout and won Supreme.

Ridden classes were next, Werby won his purebred ridden class. He made up for his laziness in the led and did a wonderful workout, even with the barrel racing going on right next to him, he didn't miss a beat. He then went on to be named Champion Ridden Friesian. This was in a field of 5 purebreds and 5 part breds which is a very good turnout for our shows.